Thor #3 cover!  Art by me and colorist Matt Wilson.

Ice, ice…

Hey new convention banner!

Hey new convention banner!

QQ drawing from a little while back

QQ drawing from a little while back

Preview part two, now in color!  Drawing by me and color by Matt Wilson, with cover colors by Frank Martin Jr.

If she be worthy… Thor #1 out October 1st!


Marvel just posted preview pages from issue #1, plus an interview with me - check it out!

A few pages from my Nightwing stint.  Really happy with how that quiet one in the bar turned out.


Now taking pre-orders!  I’ll be starting commissions prior to the con and finishing them at the show.  Head over to the store for details.  

Also, thinking about doing a little marker rendering this go-around (added some to a printout of Magik as an example, above).  Let me know if you’re into that!

*Please only purchase a commission if you will be attending NYCC 2014.

Cover day continues!

Also by me and the great Matt Wilson, here’s the cover for Valiant’s Punk Mambo #0.  

Did this awhile back - excited it’s finally out!  (I may have been watching a lot of American Horror Story at the time…)

Thor #2 cover by me and series colorist Matt Wilson!



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